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FIXI-GRAFT® for men

THE Freedom to Be Yourself one more time!

It is one of the most recent Breakthrough Technologies in Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men.

THE FIXI-GRAFT® - MENS Hair Replacement System for Males
We are EXTREMELY HAPPY TO OFFER  FIXI-GRAFT® Hair Replacement for men -- the most recent in progressive hair restoration and replacement solutions designed specifically to satisfy the individual and distinctive  & UNIQUE  NEEDS of EACH  OF OUR CLIENTS.
FIXI-GRAFT® is the customized/PERSONAL hair replacement for men which is COMPLETELY NATURAL and so, there's no reason to suffer from hair loss or ALOPECIA from now onwards.

FIXI-GRAFT® Hair Replacement for Men is a hair SYSTEM what the lens system IS for eyeglasses. Ensuing from over 25years of analysis and development, it successfully bridges the gap between surgical transplants and MEDICAL TREATMENTS & procedures.
By making  PERFECTLY CUSTOMIZED, non-surgical, hair replacement for men with the advanced hair loss, we provide our CLIENTS the COMPLETELY  natural look and feel of actual growing hair in DIFFERENT STYLE  and color they want.
The FIXI-GRAFT® hair replacement system is nearly undetectable BECAUSE your hair graft is formed from QUALITY human or SYNTHETIC  hair.
Your custom FIXI-GRAFT® HAIR SYSTEM is CREATED to your exact age-proper determinations, upon your desires and expectations, comfort & your LIFESTYLE.
Whether YOU ARE a young adult, businessperson, or no matter WHATEVER your age, Vplant offers a unique customized FIXI-GRAFT® hair system for your specific form of hair loss.

FIXI-GRAFT® offers Natural, Completely Undetectable hairline.

With the help of FIXI-GRAFT® hairline: Individual hair ascends from the scalp, in light thickness followed by irregular fashion to make it appear as a developing and natural hairline.

With FIXI-GRAFT®, you've got a completely natural front, correct density for your age and existing hair, on the scalp looking perfectly normal.

With FIXI-GRAFT®, you have the flexibility to exchange hair in any space of the scalp and recreate an ideal frontal hairline. It's ideal for those suffering from male pattern alopecia, thinning, a victim of trauma, or undergoing an operation, chemotherapy or alternative medical treatments.

We continually endeavor to give you the opportunity to pick what is the most perfect solution for you.

We furnish every one of our clients with customized arrangements that are so natural that there is essentially no reason to experience hair loss or alopecia/baldness anymore.

 Additionally, at Vplant hair clinic, you generally get:
•   Discreet, noble and dedicated service.
•   A group of exceedingly experienced and trained masters
•   Professional, one-on-one individual handling of clients
       with confidentiality and privacy

Regardless of whether you are simply beginning to encounter hair loss or in the most progressive phases of baldness, we can help with our full range of expert restoration choices.
We consistently attempt to give you the best choice to pick, what is the absolute solution for your baldness issues.

EVAGRAFT Hair system For Women

You Can Be Yourself... Once again!

Presenting EVAGRAFT, the absolutely imperceptible, proven non-surgical hair substitute for thinning hair in ladies.

EVAGRAFT is a non-surgical hair system with advanced technology that for all intents and purposes turns into a part of you, in achieving an incredible outcome.

EVAGRAFT is a hair system planned particularly for ladies that has effectively conquered the gap between hair surgeries, synthetic chemicals, and ordinary hair replacements.

Undetectable Natural Results ……… Any Color, Any Style...

Presently there is a genuine answer for any lady encountering thinning hair and female pattern baldness.

EVAGRAFT offers the ability to totally reestablish a splendidly regular front hairline, age proper thickness, where the scalp seems normal and visible when the hair is separated, with a continuous scalp.

A significant addition to Hair Density

Women Suffering from Thinning Hair and Female Hair Loss.

Dissimilar to synthetic substances or medical procedure, evagraft ensures a huge increase in woman's hair thickness.

EVAGRAFT is certifiably not a surgery and it doesn't require a doctor to manage it.

EVAGRAFT utilizes another transformative enhanced non-invasive skin like film grafted to your scalp's own layers of skin.

Inspiration for the Senses

EVAGRAFT for ladies experiencing thinning hair or any type of balding is genuinely a leap forward of monumental proportion, demonstrating to a great extremely effective in the treatment of misfortune due to accidents, medicinal treatment or chemotherapy & other systemic diseases.
EVAGRAFT  - it's something beyond hair. It's a lifestyle!


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