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V Plant Advance Hair Clinic is your destination of choice for all your hair care needs and advanced hair transplant surgery.

At V Plant Advanced Hair Clinic, we have dedicated professionals who have taken the bold step to explore the not-so-traveled road of hair care and therapy. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for carrying out unique, top-of-the-line interventions that can help solve the most difficult hair growth or hair loss problems. The Modified Hair Implantation (MHI) is just one of our numerous ground-breaking discoveries.

We offer a wide range of hair treatment services including hair restoration, treatments for thinning hair & hair loss, and many other advanced cures for hair troubles. The origin of your hair problems doesn’t matter. Whether it is congenital or environmental, our esteemed hair treatment experts have the perfect interventions to help you get the full hair you have always dreamed of. Even if your head is tending towards baldness already our skilled doctors are ready to provide advanced hair loss cure and ensure you grow your hair back.

More than simply selling hair loss treatments, our skilled doctors also offer advice and tips that work hand-in-hand with the treatments. Our hospital environment meets international standards and you can put your mind to rest knowing you would be treated in a sterile environment with the most caring personnel. We also boast state-of-the-art technologies and equipment’s and saying there is hardly any better hair transplant clinic around would not be an overstatement.

But all these facilities and standards do not make our hair transplant cost overly pricey. You would be getting the best value for your money in a facility that puts customer satisfaction at the top of its concerns.

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Dr. Sumit Parsewar

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