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V-Plant (Modified Hair Implantation)

This hair fall treatment is one of our patented treatments. It was exclusively developed through extensive research and development efforts that were only made possible by our commitment towards providing the best for our patients. The technique affords patients all the comfort they can get during the process of hair replacement and it also ensures hair follicle wastage is reduced to the barest minimum. The technique further targets the maximum output out of each graft and the results obtained form an MHI procedure are second to none.

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There are various reasons for hair fall including various illnesses, irregular work hours, not sleeping enough, weak hair follicles, pollution, smoking, stress, lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet, junk food, and genetic reasons.V GROW Anti-hair fall kit is here to rescue you from all the hair related issues arising from lifestyle problems!

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Scalp micro pigmentation gives the look of a full, youthful head of cropped hair and simulate a full front or rear hairline. This treatment helps to hide scars, burns, birthmarks, boost the visual effect of a hair transplant.

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Hair cloning is that healthy follicular cells or dermal papillae can be extracted from the subject from areas that are not bald and are not suffering hair loss, they can be multiplied (cloned) by various culturing methods and the newly produced cells can be injected back in the bald scalp, where they would act healthy and produced hair. This technique however is still in research phase.

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Hair fiber instantly rebuilds your hair with natural keratin fibers creating the appearance of thicker hair in an instant! The thickening fibers blend in and electrostatic ally bond with your existing hair, dramatically building up hair volume and minimizing the appearance of thinning hair.

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Laser grow hair treatment is a progressive, non-surgical achievement for the male & female hair loss problem enduring the overwhelming impacts of male & female pattern baldness. Presently, it is easy to accomplish thicker, more fuller, shinier, and more advantageous looking hair.

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About Vplant

V Plant Advance Hair Clinic is your destination of choice for all your hair care needs and advanced hair transplant surgery.

At V Plant Advanced Hair Clinic, we have dedicated professionals who have taken the bold step to explore the not-so-traveled road of hair care and therapy. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for carrying out unique, top-of-the-line interventions that can help solve the most difficult hair growth or hair loss problems. The Modified Hair Implantation (MHI) is just one of our numerous ground-breaking discoveries.

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